A nice area to visit in the summer. Timing is key and move from spot to spot.

We’ve heard horror stories of many hours spent in traffic jams trying to get to Cornwall and were put off by this initially. Luckily we picked the first two weeks of the Scottish school holidays and we were joined by some other like minded Scots avoiding the summer crowds.

There are loads of things to do here, plenty of big beaches, really decent restaurants and pubs for eating out. Our only regret was taking our bikes. We’re used to places like Aviemore where you can base yourself for a few days and get around by bike on paths. This isn’t the case in Cornwall as the roads are very tight and biking with kids is not an option. So we’re recommend moving between sites every couple of days and check out the local attractions near each one, saving on driving time.

If you’re a van spotter, Cornwall is a great place to geek out.